The Future of the Awards

The following pages document ten years of open education luminaries from around the world. There is a profile of every recipient of an Open Education Global Award for Excellence with links to their work.

It has been an honor for Open Education Global to recognize all these Award winners. We are thrilled to be releasing this book commemorating their exemplary work at a time when the world needs uplifting stories that show the power and value of sharing and collaboration.

Open Education Global intends to continue giving Awards for the years to come. This book will be a living document updated to include all future awardees.

We hope you explore the work of these awardees, learn from it, and use it for your own education efforts. We hope the book inspires you to get involved and be part of the Awards going forward. Ways to get involved can be found at

There you can:

  • Express congratulations, appreciation, and thanks to Award winners;
  • Download your own free and open version of the book; and
  • learn about other ways you can participate in the awards going forward.

We encourage you to disseminate this book to others by directing them to

We want to again congratulate all awardees. Open Education Global also extends heartfelt thanks to everyone who has nominated someone for an award. We sincerely appreciate the work of the Awards Evaluation Committee and the Open Education Global Board of Directors, who, through a peer-review process, select the winners each year. With the help of the entire global open education community, we look forward to celebrating open education for decades to come.


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