The Authors

Gabrielle Girau Pieck, b. 1967 in Omaha, Nebraska (USA). Studied Comparative Religion and Jewish Feminist Theology at the University of California, Berkeley, and trained as a teacher of Mathematics. Further studies of Yiddish and Hebrew Literature from a feminist standpoint at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in New York. Currently a freelance theologian specialising in the fields of Liberal Judaism and Inter-religious Dialogue, and a teacher of English and Mathematics. Co-Founder and Member of the Board of the Inter-religious Think-Tank.

Amira Hafner Al-Jabaji, b. 1971 in Bern (Switzerland). Studied Islam, Modern Near East Philology and Media at the University of Bern. Involved in several bodies concerned with integration and intercultural questions in Switzerland. From 2005-2013 a member of the public supervisory body (Publikumsrat) of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation for German-speaking Switzerland, 2013-2014 member of the Regional Committee (Regionalvorstand). Since 2015 Presenter for the national Swiss Radio and TV Station (SRF). From 2006 active as a freelance lecturer and publicist for Islam, Muslims in Switzerland, and Inter-religious dialogue, with special reference to gender issues. Co-Founder and President of the Inter-religious Think-Tank.

Tanja Esther Kröni, b. 1944 in Graz (Austria). Studied Judaism in Tel Aviv and at the University of Lucerne. Since 1982 active as a freelance specialist journalist, theologian and lecturer, and involved in work on Feminist Theology and Inter-religious Dialogue. 1992-1997 President of the Inter-religious Womens’ group Chavura LaSchalom. Member of the Care Team which provides emergency pastoral care in Canton Solothurn, to 2011. Member of the Inter-religious Think-Tank.

Rifa’at Lenzin, Dr h.c., b. 1954 in Bern (Switzerland). Studied Islamic Studies, Science of Religions, and Philosophy, in New Delhi, Zurich and Bern. Active as a freelance specialist on Islam and as a journalist, with emphasis on Interculturality, Gender Questions in Islam, and the Muslim identity in Europe. Co-director of the Zurich Institute for Inter-religious Dialogue (ZIID), an interfaith institute in the city (formerly Zurich Lehrhaus); part-time lecturer in several universities. President of the Swiss Inter-religious Working Group IRAS-COTIS and member of the Swiss Federal Commission against Racism (EKR). Member of the Inter-religious Think-Tank.

Heidi Rudolf, b. 1946 in Adliswil (Switzerland), trained as a journalist. Member of the Katharina-Werk, an ecumenical community with an inter-religious orientation. From 2005 shared responsibility for the inter-religious Programme of the Katharina-Werk, and for encounters between religious communities and their integration in the Basel Region. From 1992 project management for the building-up of the Swiss Inter-religious Working Group IRAS-COTIS and the advice and support it gives on the integration of religious minorities in Switzerland. Member of the Board of the Basel Inter-religious Forum. Member of the Inter-religious Think-Tank.

Doris Strahm, Dr theol, b. 1953 in Zurich (Switzerland). Studied Protestant Theology, Psychology and Education in Zurich, and Catholic Theology in Lucerne. Further academic work in the universities of Lucerne and Fribourg, and teaching posts at various universities. Co-founder and up to 2006 co-editor of the feminist-theological periodical FAMA. Active as a freelance lecturer and publicist in the fields of feminist theology and inter-religious dialogue, with special reference to gender issues. Co-Founder and Vice-President of the Inter-religious Think-Tank.

Reinhild Traitler-Espiritu, PhD, b. 1940 in Berlin (Germany). Studied German, English and Theology at the University of Vienna and was Procter Fellow at Episcopal Divinity School Cambridge/Mass (USA). For 14 years work on education for development on the staff of the World Council of Churches in Geneva. From 1984-2003 study director at the Protestant Study Centre Boldern (Zurich) with a portfolio on “Women, Theology and Society”. Her current work centres on feminist educational work in the field of inter-religious relations. She is a co-founder of the European Project for Inter-religious Learning (EPIL), president of the Inter-religious Conference of European Women Theologians (IKETH), and a member of the Inter-religious Think-Tank.


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